Whatsapp Status for Friends | Best Friendship Status Quotes

Whatsapp Status for Friends: In recent times, of many social media, WhatsApp becomes one the famous and favorite app because of its features. It allows its users to change their display picture named DP and the status of them according to their moods and situations. One can make use of this app by installing this mobile app on their smartphone by downloading it on play store.

You can change your DP and your status in n number of times in a day. Let’s have a discussion on the Friendship status for WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Status for Friends

Whatsapp Status for Friends

Friendship, a very beautiful relationship more than the relatives that everyone has in their circle. Friendship is the word that means everything in our life to share your sorrows and to enjoy. To express this beautiful feel to our lovable friends.

I am here, through this article, like to share your short friendship quotes, friendship messages, best status for friends, best WhatsApp status ever.


Whatsapp friendship quotes & Wishes

Let’s begin with some short friendship quotes as follows

A friend is someone who knows my flaws but still loves me

A friend should be a shadow to follow you in the sun and leave you in the dark.

Friends are meant to double your joys and divide your sorrows.

Don’t forget your friend, who was there with you when no one else was.

Friends are always one step ahead of your relatives.

The day I spend with my friends, is the day I felt complete.

A friend is one to protect like a dad, care you like a mom and fight with you as your siblings do.

Whatsapp friendship quotes

A best friend can help you to get things off, but the true friend will always stand with you.

A true friend supports your ideas, even if you are wrong.

Friendship is full of trust, that can be believed blindly.

My friend is the only who makes me smile in my hard situations.

My friend love for me is selfless.

Friendship is the only ship that everyone loves to travel on.

Your friendship to me means a lot to me.

At difficult times, you can find a true friend.

Friendship is heaven when your friend accepts the way you are.

Hiding a truth is impossible in friendship because he can find before you tell.

Friendship is like one thought in two different minds.

A friend is one who always puts on a smile on your face even when you are sad.

Best friendship messages for Whatsapp Status

Friends are gifts that even the god can’t get it.

True friendship means the blend of relatives.

The true friend is one who joins your sayings even if he knows you are lying.

Friends are not meant to solve the problems, but they meant to face the problems along with you.

Best friends will pick you from the fall, after finishing their laughing.

Whatsapp Status for Friends

A true friend never walks behind to follow, front to lead, but will walk beside to face the hurdles along with you.

A loyal friend is worth for a group of relatives.

A friend is one who shows their love even if you throw them away from your life.

Therefore, I shared some of the friendship quotes and best friendship messages for you to express your feelings for your friend. Make your status with these quotes to show how much you love your friends.

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