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Pan Card Application Status: Permanent Account Number or PAN is nothing but a unique number of ten-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax department to the persons who applied for it or to the persons for whom the department allows this number irrespective of the application. PAN cards are issued in the form of plastic cards.

PAN enables the department to link all the transactions of the persons. The transactions may include tax payments, special transactions, returns of income/wealth/gift/FBT and many more. For the Income-tax department, the PAN acts as the person’s identity.

Pan Card Application Status

The necessity for PAN card is becoming more important and It is being a practice of providing PAN card information while filling Challans on any payment and on documents for the financial transactions become compulsory by the Income-tax departments. Pan Card Importance

Pan card is necessary for the persons who are taxpayers or existing access and they are required to furnish PAN details for the return of their income and also can be on behalf of others.

Any business people or a professional whose turnover, total sales and gross pay receipts exceed over five lakhs rupees in any of the previous years. The persons who likely to do financial transactions should provide the PAN card as it is mandatory. Who provides this PAN card is the Assessing Officer to the persons on his/her own or on request especially from that person.

How to Apply Pan Card & Download Pan card Application form 49a

The person should follow some simple steps to apply for the PAN card.

The foremost step is to visit the official site of UTIITSL to this link Click on the services and select apply for new PAN card (Form 49A) from the drop down list and then select the option “as an Indian resident “.

The new window will open containing the Form 49A I.e., the application for allotment of Permanent Account Number.

  • Fill in the form with the details that are correct and true to your knowledge. Make sure that, you should fill in all columns that are mandatory. Once completed, click on the Submit button.
  • The page may be redirected to display the filled-in application form for verification of the details of the individuals. If it is verified, then the applicant can proceed to the next process called the payment method by clicking on Make payment button.
  • When clicked, he/she will go to the payment gateway site, by choosing any one of the payment sites either Billdesk OR PayU. And there, the applicant should select their payment issuing bank from the option there.
  • Then the person or applicant should select the payment options such as Netbanking, Credit card, Debit card or cash card and can be any other as seen there on the payment gateway site.
  • When done with the payment, either a message like transaction successful or a transaction failure message will appear on the screen. This is for the applicant’s confirmation over their transaction results.
  • On successful payment, the copy of the filled-in form will appear with its payment option paid on the screen.
  • The applicant now advised to save or to take a print of his/her application form. On the printed application form, the applicants can affix their two photographs with the dimensions of 3.5cmx2.5cms size.
  • Next step is to make a signature on the three specified positions of the form namely,
  • Across the photograph on the left-hand box. Next sign below the photograph on the right-hand box. And on page 2, sign on the bottom right-hand box in the space provided.
  • After your self-attestation, you are advised to attach the supporting documents as a proof of identity, proof of address and proof of date of birth compulsorily as per the guidelines provided in the filled-in application form.
  • Hence the applicant is ready with the filled-in application form that is self-attested and photo affixed along with payment confirmation details and supporting documents for proof of Identity, proof of address and proof of Date of Birth.
  • Finally, the applicant should send this complete set of application form of PAN card to any of the nearest UTIITSL office addresses for further processing or issuance of his/her PAN card.

Track Pan Card Application Status [ Know your PAN Card ]

The tracking of PAN card status is so simple and can do it anywhere on anytime through some inputs. You can check pan card status through acknowledgment number and UTI pan card status by name and date of birth.

Visit the link to know the pan card status report.

The page asking for your PAN card details will appear, Enter your PAN number of a ten-digit alphanumeric number there. Then click on the Submit button.

The status of your PAN card will be shown as the result.

Pan Card Verification

You can verify PAN by PAN no. What things you can verify with the PAN number. is that the details of the PAN Cardholder with their PAN Number. The details on the PAN card may differ from that of the databases of ITD services as they optionally allow different name on the PAN card.

  1. The procedure for verifying the PAN card is as follows
  2. Visit the link
  3. Enter your PAN number there in the box and then the Captcha showing there for verification.
  4. Finally, click on the submit button. Hence, you will get the results

How to apply for a duplicate PAN Card

  • The process is simple and you can apply for a duplicate PAN card when it is lost or damaged
  • Visit the link
  • Click on the reprint of PAN card button and fill in the form with the same details as you did earlier and make the payments to get the duplicate one. (or)
  • Visit the link
  • Fill up the details as you did when you applied for a new PAN card.
  • On completion, click on the Submit button and make the payment.
  • It is a one-time payment and there are no more hidden charges.
  • The payment confirmation details in the filled- in the application will appear in the new window.
  • Click on save or print option to get the application form for further processes.
  • Henceforth, I educated you the importance of the PAN card and how to apply for pan card and check pan status. Hope you enjoy this article and found it very helpful too.

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