Message Center Numbers for All Operators in India {Latest 2021}

Hello, Everyone! Now-a-day’s people are highly addicted to gadgets or digital services, mostly with their mobile phones for easy accessing. Now, it is easy to search or browse whatever you want on your fingertips by using our mobiles by the high-speed net. Short Message Services Center Number or Message Center Number is one of the most important for all Indian [Subscriber Identity Module] SIM card operators.

Message Service Numbers are used to send SMS to any of the contacts. For every Operator, there will be a Message Service Number that may help you to send messages to another person’s phone. Firstly all your messages may go through this number and later to the number you wanna convey this message.

This will be used to forward, deliver, store your text messages which can send messages without using the Internet on your phone numbers. People facing problem in sending SMS, it shows that “You’re unable to send SMS”. Unfortunately, sometimes we are changing the SMS center numbers, so an error will occur. Just change the service center number according to your mobile operator, the error will be fixed.

Message Center Number

What is the Message Center Number?

Message Center Number is also known as SMS Service Center Number or SMSC, which is a network element in a mobile network. An Area (or) Office where incoming and outgoing messages, E-Mails, etc are received and transmitted as by telephones, mobiles, computers (or) by messages. It is a unique number, which will be used in every state.

Without using this number, you may not send any message or SMS to any other person’s number. Now, we will provide you with all the operator’s numbers on your fingertips .because, there is a number of operators like an idea, Airtel, Vodafone, jio, and others, etc. Follow are the phone numbers of different operators etc.

Operator Message Center Number
Airtel SMS center number +919895051914
BSNL SMS center number +919440099997
Jio SMS center number +917010075009
Idea SMS center number +919847099996
Reliance SMS center number +919020000500
Tata Docomo SMS center number +919032055002
Telenor SMS center number +9084051550
Vodafone SMS center number +9846000040
Aircel SMS center number +919809099060

Vi SMS Service Center Numbers For Vi Users All States [2021 Updated]

Vi SMS Center Numbers Phone Number
Kolkata  +919830099990
North East  +919774099990
Karnataka  +919886005444
Jammu & Kashmir  +919796009905
Rajasthan  +919839099999
Haryana  +919839099999
Himachal Pradesh  +919736009911
Assam  +919706099990
Delhi  +919811009998
Mumbai  +919820205446
Gujarat  +919825001002
Orissa  +919776099990
Telangana  +919885005444
Chennai  +919843000040
Andhra Pradesh  +919885005444
Bihar  +919706099990
Goa +919823000040
Jharkhand  +919709099990
Kerala  +919846000040
Punjab  +919888009998
Chhattisgarh  +919713099990
Pradesh  +919719009998
Madhya Pradesh  +919713099990
ROTN +919884005444
Uttar Pradesh east +919839099999
West Bengal +919732099990

List of Vodafone Message Center Number {All States}

Vodafone SMS Center Number {All States}  Phone Number
Vodafone Message Center Number North East  +919774099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Karnataka  +919886005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Jammu & Kashmir  +919796009905
Vodafone Message Center Number Rajasthan  +919839099999
Vodafone Message Center Number Haryana  +919839099999
Vodafone Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh  +919736009911
Vodafone Message Center Number Assam  +919706099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Delhi  +919811009998
Vodafone Message Center Number Mumbai  +919820205446
Vodafone Message Center Number Gujarat  +919825001002
Vodafone message center number Orissa  +919776099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Telangana  +919885005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Chennai  +919843000040
Vodafone Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh  +919885005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Bihar  +919706099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Jharkhand  +919709099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Kerala  +919846000040
Vodafone Message Center Number Punjab  +919888009998
Vodafone Message Center Number Chhattisgarh  +919713099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh  +919719009998
Vodafone Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh  +919713099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh east +919839099999
Vodafone Message Center Number West Bengal +919732099990

Steps to Change Message Center Number in Android

So, Guys if you think, you are unable to send SMS from your phone Follow the below simple steps and change the Message service center number. Before you do this process backup Old message center number.

For Android devices in General:

  • Launch the SMS application on your mobile.
  • Tap on the Menu button and go to Settings
  • Scroll down and select ‘Message Center ‘ (If you cannot find Message center in this list then look for and tap Text message and it should hopefully be on this list)
  • As soon as you open then you’ll be able to see and edit the message center number.
  • If needed, we gave you all the operator’s SMSC numbers above.
  • Enter the correct number
  • Save the number
  • Restart your phone and send a text to check its working.

If your Android phone doesn’t have the ‘Message Centeroption available then you can find out what it is by alternate one:

  • Typing *#*#4636#*#* into your phone on the dial screen.
  • Select Phone information.
  • Scroll down and select the SMSC setting.
  • Press Refresh to see the current setting.

Message Center

  • If this number is wrong then type in the correct one and press “Update”.
  • If you get a notification saying “update error” then it’s probably because, you have Android 2.3 or higher and so will have to enter the UDP number which is available, based on your phone.
  • Restart your phone
  • Send test text to make sure it’s working or not.

None of the above are not working, Then What to do ??

If the above-given info is not worked out, Then we have a 100% solution to this problem. That just calls to your Customer Care regarding the message service number. They may help you to give exact info and check out the area you are currently staying and Help you with the setting. Mostly, all the operators are using 198 as their Customer Care Number. 


If neither of these options worked for you then you could also try putting the sim into an old phone, going to the message center settings, and checking/changing the number. If none of the above are working for you, then the Last Decision is that you should call customer care. They may tell us the exact info on what to do ? or May give you the SMS Center number which is working in your area.

If you are still stuck then post the exact model of your phone (this can normally be found under the battery/case) along with the Android version number and maybe we could assist you further. Hope this has helped, good luck!! please, Follow our My Care Numbers for further New things.

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