Geico Customer Service Number 1-800-861-8380

Geico Customer Service Number: In today’s world, an insurance policy is not just a need it has become a necessity. You need an insurance policy so that you stay protected from potential losses which would be covered by the insurance company. Geico is an insurance company which provides with numerous insurance policies such as auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance and many more. You can easily avail an insurance policy from an insurer or the insurance company but you would have to pay a premium to the respected authority and the payment is usually in the form of annual premiums.

If you have queries about insurance policies then you need a Geico customer service number through which you can contact the respected authorities which will help you with solving your queries.

Geico Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-861-8380

geico customer service number

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How to get Geico Customer Service Number?

You can avail the Geico customer service phone number using the following methods:

• Official website: You can easily avail the customer service number from the Geico official website. Open the official website and scroll down and then click on the link “contact us” and then you can contact them easily through Geico phone number, mail, chat or through a local agent.

• Mobile application: You can also easily avail the customer service number from the Geico mobile application. But you need to first download the application.

• Search engines: The easiest way to avail the Geico customer service number is through search engines. First, you need to open any of the search engines then you need to search Geico customer service number in the search engine and then within a second you would be provided by the customer service number.

Geico Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Geico Auto Claims 1-800-510-2291
Geico Hearing Impaired Service 1-800-833-8255
Overseas Insurance Phone Number 1-800-248-4998
Geico Collector Auto Sales Number 1-800-841-2964
Military Customers 1-800-MILITARY,1-800-645-4827
Emergency Road Service 1-800-424-3426

How To Contact Geico:

Thank you for calling GEICO. Your call may be monitored and recorded.

  • Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed.
  • If you are calling in regards to explain our accident or emergency right service, press 1.
  • If you would like information on a new policy, press 2.
  • To insure your personal order, press 1.
  • To insure a commercial vehicle, press 2.
  • For ATV or motorcycle insurance, press 3.
  • For home or rental insurance, press 4.
  • For water-based vehicles including boats or jet-skis, press 5.
  • For AV insurance, press 6.
  • To hear this menu again, press 0.
  • To set up an automatic payment, press 3.
  • To make a scheduled payment, press 4.
  • To check recent payment due date, press 5.
  • To request an insurance card, press 6.
  • To speak with a professional insurance agent, press 7.
  • To repeat this menu, press 0.

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Why do you need a Geico Customer Service Number?

If you want an insurance policy or you are already insured you may need the Geico insurance phone number for numerous reasons and some of the following reasons are:

• Filing a claim: You need the Geico claims phone number when you need to file a claim because they will cover for the damages you have sustained. For an instance you have been in a car accident then you need the insurance company to intervene and represent you on your behalf. And in such a situation you will definitely make a claimant for that, you need to contact the insurance company.

• Accident Forgiveness: If you want to consult about the accident forgiveness feature provided in the auto insurance policy you need the customer service number. Well, if you have a clean driving record then you deserve an accident forgiveness feature which will reduce the insurance rate and always remember that the accident forgiveness is per policy and not per driver so you can only avail this service only once. And you need the customer service number if you want to gain more information on the subject.

• ID and Password: Sometimes you may face difficulty with accessing your own account in such a situation you necessarily need the Geico customer service number so that you can contact them to provide you aid and remembering all those ID’s and passwords is quite tricky and you may end up forgetting them in such a case you need to contact the customer service.

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You should always keep the Geico customer service number in your vicinity so that you can easily claim your insurance policy if some mishap occurs.

Geico Custom Service Contact Information:

  • Contact Form
  • FAQ
  • Live Chat
  •  Geico Inc.
  • 5260 Western Avenue
  • Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Final Words:

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