How To Find Vehicle Owner by Number – Vehicle Owner Information

Find Vehicle Owner by Number: Do you want to check vehicle registration details of a car or bike? If yes, then you can definitely do it without any difficulty. By reading the vehicle number plate, you can take out the information of the owner. There is a lot of crimes happening in different parts of the country and if someone has taken your belongings or any other important stuff, then you can note down the number of vehicles which can help you to find out the owner. You can easily report it to the police station by providing a vehicle number. Within two or three days, you can get the best results if you have the vehicle number with you.

In case, you want to know the vehicle owner’s information for any other purpose, then you need to find out the method to do it. It is not much difficult to find out the details of the owner when you have an internet connection. With the help of the online platform, it can be really easy for you to get the best details about the vehicle owner. Here are the easy steps to download vehicle owner information

find vehicle owner by number

Steps To Find Vehicle Owner by Number

  1. At first, you just need to look for the fine vehicle owner details application at the play store. It won’t take much of your time to find this application and then you can open it on your device.
  2. After you will open this app, you will be asked to add the vehicle number in the search box. You can easily find the vehicle owned by a number if you will type the car or bike number in that search box.
  3. You just need to wait for some time and within a few minutes; you will be able to receive the address of the vehicle owner along with his/her name, number, and registration number.
  4. If you want to use another method, then you can find out the vehicle details by number plate and then you can use those to find details of the owner. You can use other applications on the Google Play store which allow you to find the details of the vehicle owner along with fuel type, engine number, registration date, name and number of the owner and lot more.

How To Get Vehicle Owner Detail

By submitting the vehicle registration number in this app you will get the below information.

  • Find Vehicle Owner Name
  • Find Vehicle Address
  • Registration City
  • Registration Date
  • Engine Number
  • Model
  • Fuel Type
  • Chassis Number

Get Vehicle Owner Details Via SMS

  • First, open the messaging app on your android device.
  • Create a new message and type in below formate
  • Vahan “Number Plate Full Details”
  • Send this message to 07738299899.
  • That’s it you successfully send a message and you will receive vehicle information via SMS within a few minutes.

How to Send SMS

  • First, open the messaging app on your android or iPhone device.
  • Tap on the create new message option and type SMS in below formate.


  • After you type the message simply send it to the 07738299899 number.
  • That’s it you successfully send a message and you will receive vehicle information via SMS within a few minutes.

RTO Details Available for the Below States

  • Andhra Pradesh – AP
  • Arunachal Pradesh – AR
  • Andaman & Nicobar – AN
  • Assam – As
  • Bihar – BR
  • Chhattisgarh – CG
  • Delhi – DL
  • Diu and Daman – DD
  • Dadra Nagar Haveli – DN
  • Gujrat – GJ
  • Goa – GA
  • Himachal Pradesh – HP
  • Haryana – HR
  • Karnataka – KA
  • Jammu & Kashmir – JK
  • Jharkhand – JH
  • Kerala – KL
  • Lakshadweep – LD
  • Mizoram – MZ
  • Meghalaya – ML
  • Manipur – MN
  • Maharashtra – MH
  • Madhya Pradesh – MP
  • Odisha – OD
  • Puducherry – PY
  • Nagaland – NL
  • Tamil Nadu – TN
  • Sikkim – SK
  • Punjab – PB
  • Rajasthan – RJ
  • Tripura – TR
  • West Bengal – WB
  • Uttar Pradesh – UP
  • Uttrakhand – UK

It might have been difficult to trace vehicle owner name by vehicle number some years back but now it has become the work of the left hand. You don’t have to waste much time to get information about the vehicle owner because it can be available to you within a few seconds.

If you are able to learn how to get vehicle owner details through online applications, then you don’t need to visit the RTO in order to find information about the vehicle owner. You can find the information about any type of vehicle if you have got the number of it. You can also search the bike with its name and not only this but you can find the details of cars, auto, and truck easily. So, you can definitely believe that an online platform can definitely help you to get faster details.

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